The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita

  1. Don't Drink The Water Pancho (Villa)
  2. Nowhere Mexico
  3. In The Moon Light
  4. Somebody Shot Manuel
  5. For Lost Love
  6. In The Shadow of a Sagebrush
  7. The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita
  8. 6 Pak of Misery
  9. Friends
  10. Muy Cerca de Mi
  11. Guitarra Mia
  12. High & Lonesome
  13. Countin' Pennies
The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita - Bianca De Leon
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  • Flaco Jimenez: Accordion
  • Bianca De Leon: nylon string guitar: trax 2,5,6,7,9,10,11, steel string guitar: trax 1,3,4,7,8,12,13, background vocals: trax 7,8,10
  • Guiro: trax 11
  • Max Baca: bass all trax, bajo sexto: trax 1,6,10,11, shaker: trax 5,9, percussion on side of bajo: trax 11
  • Michael Guerra: accordion: trax 1,2,6,7,9,10,11, background vocals: trax 1,3,7,10,11
  • Bobby Flores: Fiddle: trax 1,2,5,6, peddle steel: trax1,3,6
  • Eddie Cantu; drums: all tracks except 11
  • Joel Guzman: Accordion trax: 4,8,12,13, Hammond B3: trax 8,12,13
  • Erik Hokkanan: Fiddle: trax 3, viola: trax5
  • Redd Volkaert: telecaster: trax 4,8,12,13
  • Chepe Solis: Spanish guitar: trax 11, requinto trax10
  • John Permenter: fiddle: trax 8,12,13
  • Hemry Gomez: vihuella: trax 3
  • Steve Carter: background vocals: trax 4,8,12,12
  • Teye: flamenco guitar trax 13
  • Aurturo Garza: congos: trax 13
  • Marty Muse: peddle steel: trax 4,12
  • Jorge Knott: bongos: trax 9,11, guiro: trax 9,10, block & clave: trax 9

Featured Review

A woman counsels a bandit hiding out in the hills above the Rio Grande… cruel parting words circle in memory like buzzards… dust devils turn the sands… two shadows gently touch on a moonlight walk… a shot rings out in an alley… hungry dogs gather in the street… on a flight from Sonora, a woman kisses a faded photograph and says goodbye to her lover… after three years a woman still feels her lost lover in the night… a girl sleeping in the desert wakes to witness a midnight burial… a bottle crashes through a windshield at a Saltillo gas station and a car goes speeding into the night… a girl pawns her Virgin de Guadelupe for a last fix… a spirit floats down a dark hallway past her own name scrawled on the wall… a Colt 45 bolsters a woman’s faith in fate… a distant friend remains true as the tides… two lovers breathe the same air, their shadows make one shadow, but it’s only a dream… a woman sings a love song to her guitar… a star falls… it’s The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita.

--by Robert Earl Hardy, Townes Van Zandt biographer (A Deeper Blue; The Life and Music of Townes Van Zandt, University of North Texas Press 2009)
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