Live: From Hell To Helsinki

  1. Countin' Pennies and Wishin' on a Fallin' Star
  2. I'd Rather Miss Texas
  3. Smuggler's Moon
  4. Carlos
  5. Merle
  6. The Long, Slow Decline of Carmelita
  7. Date Gets Shot
  8. Muy Cerca de Mi (Very Close To Me)
  9. San Antonio Express
  10. For Love Lost
  11. Six-Pack of Misery
  12. Waitin' Round To Die
Live from Hell to Helsinki - Bianca De Leon
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Featured Review

De Leon returns with this live disc. It was recorded last year during her European tour. The selections are taken from a radio concert in Finland. The sound is intimate and she gets a chance to try out some new and old songs. She's from Texas so you know she's got some stories to tell, both small and tall. She's also got a great sense of humor. An engaging disc that makes us wish she's come to our area and do a show.
-- Village Records, 12/24/02

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